Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The pinnacle of stupidity

My sounds

You can record and save voice memos and all received attached sound files to My

To listen to saved sounds or recorded voice memos:

1. Select Menu > My stuff > My sounds.
2. Select Saved sounds or Voice memos and press the OK button.
3. Scroll through the lists to listen to the saved sounds.
4. Highlight Record New, Erase, Lock, Rename, Details, or Erase All and press

Note: If there are no saved sounds or recorded voice memos, the folders
cannot be accessed and steps 3-5 do not apply.

You can't record sounds in the My Sounds folder unless there are already sounds in the folder? So how the hell do you get sounds in the folder if you can't record them?

Kyocera, you fail!

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